Spirit of Vancouver Award Video


Island Press
Covelo, CA.
Phone: 1-800-828-1302

  • THE NEW COMPLETE GUIDE TO ENVIRONMENTAL CAREERS. Provides information on career opportunities, job hunting, and career strategies.

Edge Interactive Publishing
Scarborough, ON
Phone: (416) 494-3343
Fax: (416) 494-0949
E-Mail: info@schoolfinder.com
    An easy-to-use multimedia CD-ROM, that helps students print letters and applications, search all colleges and universities, or source thousands of scholarships. Students may also visit campuses on the Multimedia Campus Tour, and find information on hundreds of careers. Offers profiles on over 200 Canadian colleges and universities. Free demo CD available.

Ministry of Education
Program Standards & Education Resources Branch
Phone: (250) 952-4460
Toll-Free: 1-800-282-7955
  • CAREERS IN WOOD. An interactive career exploration resource kit including a CD-ROM, video, and website link. Copies have been distributed free to secondary schools and community skills centres.

Post-Secondary Application Service of British Columbia (PASBC)
Contact: Ken Faris
Phone: 604-828-4781
E-mail: kfaris@pas.bc.ca
  • EXPLORE CD - A CD-ROM containing information about post-secondary institutions was mailed to every secondary school in BC. Students, counselors and teachers have career program descriptions at their fingertips.


  • Educational Resources in Career Studies
    The BC Ministry of Education, Technology and Distance Education Branch runs this website where students will find everything from labour market information, job listings and post-secondary application services. Two career counsellors are available to answer personal questions.

  • JobWeb
    A large hyperlinked chart guides one through the career search process. Journey through an assessment quiz, occupational research, decision making, employer contact, and job offers. Includes career profiles and personal anecdotes, as well as a set of links to other Internet career resources.

    A career information database, this site lists available jobs and provides career advice plus an on-line magazine. There’s even a “Personal Search Agent” that will search for specific types of jobs.

  • neuvoo
    neuvoo Job Search Aggregator. Looking for a job? neuvoo is a job search engine available in over 60 countries listing more than 20 million jobs worldwide. You will find on neuvoo all the jobs available in your region. Your job search starts here.

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