Spirit of Vancouver Award Video


These activities will help you learn more about
trees and their animal friends around the world.

   Visit some of the web site links we’ve listed

   below and search for some photos of common

   trees and their animal residents. Print out

   some of the photos you find.

The World of Trees - Trees in North America

Northwest Timber Photo Gallery

Tree Book

University of British Columbia Botanical Gardens

Nova Wild Wolves

The Cub Den

Animal library www.aresearchguide.com/biomes.html



Now visit some of the international tree photo sites listed below and print photos of trees and resident animals found in other countries.

In the Jungle

Kenyan Wildlife

With the photos you’ve printed, make a collage that compares the trees and animals found in your community with those found in different parts of the world. Use paint, crayons or markers to decorate your collage and add titles, borders etc.

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