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  • The Seed of a Tree - A Package
    of Wonders (lesson plans and poster)
  • A Special Gift (story book)
  • Seven Steps to a Seedling (brochure)


Students will compare their personal growth with that of a tree and the small boy who is the main character of a storybook entitled A Special Gift. Exploration of tree growth continues through hands-on lessons covering tree seed characteristics, parts and functions accompanied by seed-growing activities and experiments. Students have the opportunity to collect seeds, germinate and cultivate them to the seedling stage when they can be planted in school grounds or in yards at home. This is a recommended activity for turning those concrete jungle school grounds to green havens.

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Healthy patches of lichens are a reassuring thing to see in any environment because lichens are particularly sensitive to air pollution. Healthy lichens mean that the air in that area is clean.
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