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Resources for Ages 14-18


  • Ecoforestry Magazine - Global Biodiversity
  • Questions About Biodiversity (photocopy)
  • Completing the Picture - Managing and Conserving Biodiversity
  • Wildlife in British Columbia (booklet)
  • The Biodiversity Challenge (booklet)
  • Coastal Montane Biodiversity (brochure)
  • MacMillan Bloedel’s Old Growth Strategy
  • Trees as Habitats (activity)
  • Biodiversity (activity)
  • Habitat and Infrastructure (activity)

Students will explore biological diversity in Canada's forests and how land managers must weigh a variety of competing interests when making decisions on land use issues. Also included is an overview on wildlife in British Columbia. The Ecoforestry Magazine, Global Biodiversity, covers a wide range of topics from a definition of ecoforestry to articles on threats to the woodland caribou and the boreal forest.


  • Cheers for Careers (activity)
  • Value-Added (booklet)
  • BC's Value-Added Strategy (booklet)
  • Careers in the Forest Industry (booklet)
  • Careers with the BC Forest Service (booklet)
  • Directory of Forestry Education and Training Programs in British Columbia
  • Various career information sheets such as positions and training requirements

Enclosed is a number of career information handouts including job positions, descriptions, and training institutes for those students interested in pursuing a career in the forest industry. Students should be encouraged to brainstorm on additional secondary and related occupations.


  • Pulp & Paper Production and Chemistry (FOREM activity modules)
  • Pulp & Paper information sheets and statistics

Students learn about the economics and issues of the pulp and paper industry in BC and Canada. Topics of interest include Canada's contribution of pulp in the world market, recycled fibre, and the various types of paper manufactured in Canada. Alternative fibres and a global approach to sustainable forest practices are also considered. Activities involve students in paper-making, research assignments and chemistry experiments.



  • Tree Book (ID key)
  • Forest Classification, Silvics, and Silviculture (FOREM activity modules)
  • The Three Billionth Tree Planted in '93 (poster)
  • The Four Billionth Tree (poster)

Activities include information on biogeoclimatic zones of BC, forest classification and succession, tree growth, and silviculture. Students also consider BC’s forestry milestones and future implications of global warming on BC's forests. A tree identification book, complete with photographs and summaries on characteristics, habitat, and aboriginal uses of trees is enclosed for quick and easy reference.


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Turpentine, a solvent used as a paint thinner, comes from trees. It is a by-product of the sulphate process of wood pulp production, made at pulp and paper mills throughout Canada.
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