Spirit of Vancouver Award Video

Prescribed Learning Outcomes Complemented by this Activity

  •  demonstrate a willingness to experiment with a variety of materials, tools, equipment, and processes (Fine Arts 4-7)
  •   use and care for materials, tools, equipment, and work space in a safe and an environmentally sensitive manner (Fine Arts 4-7)
  •  identify a variety of job and volunteer situations in the community, including paid and unpaid work (Personal Planning – Career Exploration 4)
  •  perform an experiment by following a procedure (Science 4)
    demonstrate understanding of sustainability, stewardship, and renewable versus non-renewable natural resources (Social Studies 5)
  •  research information using print, non-print, and electronic sources (Social Studies 6)
  •  organize information into a presentation with a main idea and supporting details (Social Studies 4)
  •  demonstrate understanding of contributions of Aboriginal people to Canadian society (Social Studies 4)

Related Cross-Curricular Areas

  •   Environment and Sustainability
  •   Science-Technology-Society
  •   Applied Focus in Curriculum


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    Activity coutesy of Canadian Council of
    Forest Ministers and modified by FORED BC

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