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British Columbia Agriculture in the Classroom
Abbotsford, BC
Phone: (604) 556-3088
Fax: (604) 556-3030
Contact: Lindsay Babineau, Project Coordinator

    A teacher handbook and video to foster an understanding among elementary teachers and their students about BC agriculture as it relates to BC vegetable and mushroom farming. Cost: $15.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling.
  • BEANS AND THEIR BUDDIES - AN INTEGRATED PRIMARY SCIENCE RESOURCE. Fall, winter and spring activities, evaluation tools and resources designed to introduce primary students to the world of food production. The resource counters the common childrens' perception that milk comes from a carton. Developed by Dr. Gladys Stanbury, a teacher and principal in British Columbia's school system, this unit teaches young people the fundamental lifeskills they need for their successful future.

BC Dairy Foundation
Burnaby, BC
Phone: (604) 294-3775
Toll-Free: 1-800-242-6455
Fax: (604) 294-8199

  • FOOD FOR US! - PERSONAL PLANNING FOR BALANCED MEALS. This new nutrition program helps Grades 2-3 students learn how to classify foods into food groups, choose healthy snacks and create balanced meals. It also introduces students to the connection between agriculture and food. Designed for the Personal Planning curriculum with links to other curriculum areas. A teacher guide, food pictures, poster and class set of colourful students booklets are included. Available for $20 through a one-hour teacher workshop.
    Nutritional programs with planned activities and lessons, for grades K-12; before receiving these programs, teachers must participate in a workshop.
    Computer programs are available. Free when a workshop is taken. Nominal charges otherwise.

Beef Information Centre
North Vancouver, B.C.
Phone: (604) 985-0113

  • FROM PASTURE TO PLATE Gr. 2-4, SUN CHANGER, A PROMISE FOR LIFE Gr. 6-12. These are Videos on cattle production for rent.
  • A MATTER OF FAT. This is an activity-based kit about food groups and nutrition.

4-H Resource Library
Penticton, BC
Phone: (604) 492-1320
Fax: (604) 492-1309

  • SIMFARM. This is an interactive farm management computer program that allows users to develop a farm operation of their choice.


Food and Fisheries.

The BC Dairy Foundation home page contains information about their workshops, programs and materials.

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More than half of the province's coastal forests are over 250 years old, whereas only 6% of interior forests are that old.
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