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British Columbia Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation
1767 Angus Campbell Rd
Abbotsford, BC
V3G 2M3
Phone: (604) 556-3088
Fax: (604) 556-3030

Ministry of Agriculture and Food
PO Box 9120 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria, BC
V8W 9E4
Phone: (250) 387-5121
Fax: (250) 387-1522

BC Dairy Foundation
Imperial Square
3236 Beta Ave
Burnaby, BC
V5G 4K4
Phone: (604) 294-3775
Toll Free: 1-800-242-6455 (BC residents only)
Fax: (604) 294-8199
http://www.bcdf.org (nutrition education)

4-H Farm Safety Committee
4607 - 23rd St
Vernon, BC
V1T 4K7
Phone: (250) 260-3013
Toll Free: 1-877-702-5585
Fax: (250) 549-5488

Farm and Ranch Safety and Health Association
102 - 5755 Glover Rd
Langley, BC
V3A 8H4
Phone: (604) 532-1789
Fax: (604) 532-1786
E-mail: farmsafe@farsha.bc.ca

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On average a family of four throws away about two sacks of garbage a week, most of which could be recycled. They discard an estimated 90 drink cans, 107 bottles and jars, two trees' worth of paper, 70 food cans and 45kg of plastic.
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