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Policies and Standards

FORED maintains the highest standards in providing community-based education about the environment, natural resources and sustainability. By working with volunteers from governments, academe, business, First Nations, Youth, and other NGOs, we build capacity and ensure we provide diverse expertise and a professional ethic.



FORED strives to ensure that any activities, workshops, information or best practices it provides or recommends clearly relates to the specific community objectives in areas such as sustainability of its culture, environment or economy.


Non-Advocacy Material

FORED is not an issues group. FORED (est. 1925) is a charitable society dedicated to engaging citizens, communities and volunteers in activities and choices that protect, conserve, rehabilitate, enhance the environment and promote sustainability. Our constitution and bylaws forbid any advocacy activity on our part on any issue.


The British Royal Navy turned to Canadian forests for wood in 1806 as they were deprived of wood from the Baltic region because of the Napoleonic Wars.
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