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  • more than 75 years of experience working with  youths, governments, academe, business, First Nations, and other NGOs
  • a non-partisan association dedicated exclusively to community-based education about the environment, natural resources and   sustainability
  • provides workshops, speakers, activities, resources and consultation for communities and youth groups   

Membership Benefits:

  •  complimentary subscription to Magazine, FORED's international award-winning publication
  •  certificate of sponsorship for your workplace
  •  an opportunity to participate in community sustainability  activities
  •  Access to our toll-free line for environmental education information
  •  idea generation for community-based environmental education initiatives in your own workplace
  •  income tax-deductible

Privacy Policy:

While providing a broad range of services to our members, FORED BC continually gives utmost priority to the maintenance of member privacy and therefore strives to protect the confidentiality of any personal information that you may give us. Please follow this link to view our detailed Privacy Policy.

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Please download FORED BC Membership Application Form (available in .pdf)

FORED Bylaws

For further information, please call us at (604) 737-8555, fax at (604) 737-8598, or e-mail to membership@foredbc.org.

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British Columbians use about 20% more energy per person than the average Canadian, and about 300% more than the average Japanese does.
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